Skyscraper city

Dubai is a fascinating place. A city full of contrasts, including the architecture. As you travel into the city from the airport, you come across large expanses of bare desert and then suddenly they break into huge, tall, skyscrapers. It’s like you’ve walked straight into a scene of a sci-fi movie!


The metro (overground travel system) stations look amazing with a cone shell-like design. Unfortunately, I couldn’t visit any but I am sure the interior would be great as well.
The below is a small clip of the Cayan Tower (blocked a bit by the truck) – another amazing design and architectural marvel.


And among these gigantic buildings, you also find quaint, beautiful mosques and houses, designed in the old Islamic architectural style.



  1. DO you remember any of the building names? The twisty building was by the Marina Bay if I recall correctly. The Etisalat tower was pretty impressive as well. Nice click!

    • Don’t know the building names shown in this post except for the twisty one which is the Cayan Tower and yes, it is in the Marina Bay. Didn’t see the Etisalat Tower but does seem very impressive looking at the pictures.

      There are a few other buildings that I took pictures of which I will share in another post soon.

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