Lavender’s Blue, Dilly Dilly

The lavender fields of Provence in France are a photographer’s dream and it’s a place that I had always wanted to visit. This was not going to happen anytime soon so when I found out about a lavender field just 15 miles out of London, I decided to go for a visit.
Mayfield Lavender is a family run farm which has been in operation for over 10 years. There is a Nursery and Shop which is open right throughout the year but during summer, 25 acres of the lavender farm is open to the public. The flowers start to appear by the end of June and remain throughout July and August. However, the fields are only open between 9am and 6pm and being summer, the light would not be the best for photographs. The ideal time would have been half hour before and after sunset but to do this, a sunset package needs to be purchased for £100.
So I decided to do the visit in early September and to visit late in the evening, so that I can avoid the harsh sun and get some images when the sun was low in the sky. I took the risk that the flowers would be gone by then and my heart sank  when I stepped out of the car and was greeted with rows of flowerless lavender bushes.

Telephone Box

 Not sure of the significance of the telephone box but it was interesting to find it right there in the middle of the field.
However, walking further in, there was another section which still had the flowers and even though not as lush as they would have been at the height of summer, it was a beautiful sight nonetheless.

Pictures of Lavender

Spent about an hour getting some nice images but had to leave just before closing time. My only regret was that because I had arrived so late, I was unable to enjoy some lavender tea and sweets which are sold in the café. Definitely doing that when I visit again next year.

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