A new blog

Welcome to my new blog! I have been trying to get back into photography and thought a new blog would be the best way to motivate me. Not sure how….. but it should right? I have this need to be creative, with photography as well as writing. Hopefully this blog should help me do both. 
This is a WordPress blog and I had a lot of fun (and frustrating moments) setting it up. It’s quite easy once you get used to the concept but I do miss the control of using my own design. I have tried to keep mine simple and straightforward but I have a feeling it will evolve quite a bit as I continue to try out and experiment with themes and plugins. 
I struggled with what the blog should be about. It’s quite frustrating that I still don’t have a particular focus for my photos. Even though most of my current pictures have revolved around food and travel, I have plenty of other interests that I just haven’t got around to. So this blog is going to be mainly about photography but I might also ramble on about my other interests. 
The goal was to do one small post per day with one detailed post per week starting from 1st May – I have already failed as this is being posted a day later! It can only get better…. I hope.

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